The Yacht

Born in the foothills of the famous mount Athos and originally manufactured by the hands of the monks of Saint Oros. Morgkan is a product of a long traditional yachts, especially designed for the Aegean sea the trechantiris”.

Characterised by their great stability, strength and their spacious interior, the trechantiris have ruled the Greek seas for centuries, be it as fishing boats or be it for transport purposes. Traditional fishermen favour it over other types of boat, simply for its stability, rendering it the safest on what can sometimes be unpredictable waters

Fully refurbished in the year 2012-2013, Morgkan is especially adapted to yacht cruises.

Thanks to its generous width, it boasts of 2 comfortable double berth en suite cabins, one lovely 4 berth cabin, suitable for children and adults alike, a particularly attractive living/kitchen space. The captain's quarters are at a distance from the passenger area, thus affording the privacy and discretion required, as well as the peace and quiet essential for the smooth running of any cruise. Aboard Morgkan you can also enjoy an outdoor living area and a superb sundeck.

Bertrand Benoit, the owner and captain of Morgkan  has greatly respected its character, appreciating the luxury of its elegant simplicity. Thus after its refurbishing and the installation of its spectacular gaff cutter rig. The authorities granted Morgkan its well earned official title of “ traditional yacht”. .