The Captain

Born in France, Bertran Benoit took a great interest in and started sailing from a very young age. After 15 years on board classic sailing boats, such as Errol Flynn's famous Karenita, working side by side with experienced sailors, Bertrand Benoit, decides to give up sailing on other people's boats preferring to ride the waves on this own boat, an Alpa 9, thus making his childhood dream come true: “A long sailing trip, aboard a small yacht”.

Upon his return from crossing the Atlantic, he decides to anchor his boat in Amorgos in the heart of the Aegean, which, in his eyes, is the most beautiful sailing area in the world.

Licensed professional skipper, he unveils all the secrets of the beauty of the Greek isles to his passengers using his expertise and knowledge of areas of specific beauty.

It is through his love of both the Aegean as well as classic boats, that project “Morgkan” was born: the restoration of a traditional greek “trechantiri” and converting it into a sailing boat for cruises.